Jeremy grew up in a construction family and worked in construction much of his life, from cleaning job sites as a kid, to learning to frame homes, to overseeing the construction of whole subdivisions.  Jeremy and Kamisha purchased their first home, a 1950’s “fixer upper” bungalow in South Eugene in 2000.  Through their years living in that home, they gained an appreciation for older construction, and all of the oddities and additions that often come along with it, as well as its character and charm, and they found a love for restoring a home to its former glory.  In November of 2001, they took their passion for construction and real estate, and their new love of home improvement, and opened their own home inspection business.  Since that time, Jeremy has personally inspected nearly 7,000 homes in Eugene, Springfield, and surrounding areas of Lane County.  Over the years, Jeremy and Kamisha have purchased and renovated several homes; sometimes renovations were completed over years as they lived in the home and grew their family, sometimes they were completed quickly for investment purposes.  What Jeremy and Kamisha have learned through those experiences is that each home has potential to provide the right buyer exactly what they are looking for; every defect can be overcome with the right vision, budget, and investment of time, and/or, with the right appreciation of, or tolerance for, imperfection.  We appreciate the differences in people and the differences in homes, and how they all fit together to build a strong community.

Outside of home inspections and renovation projects, Jeremy and Kamisha enjoy spending time with their two daughters on their hobby farm near Alvadore, where they have chickens, goats, dogs, cats, and a young orchard they planted as a family in 2018.  Their love of rescue is not just for neglected homes, but also for animals; the Moodys have several rescue animals who are all part of the family.  Jeremy and Kamisha keep busy supporting their daughters’ interests in sports, music, and art, and they love spending time outdoors as a family, in the incredible year-round beauty that is Oregon, camping, hiking, biking, fishing, running, and gardening.